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My name is Diego Delgado, I am a systems engineer in Pasto Colombia, a lover of technology, build castles with code, I like to be a researcher and be at the forefront. it's Me

I work projects with usability and intelligence, I develop useful systems for your business, the passion connects me with your goals.

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My strengths

I stand out mainly in the knowledge of Frontend and the design part of Muckups. but I also have extensive knowledge of Backend, this being an important part of the job as a developer. my main language is Python, I develop Angular interfaces and apis with rest-framework. I really like the automation part, I like to create simple processes for different tasks. I have some programs in Python for changing the format of fonts, as well as software for converting image files.


My Skills

The force that leads me to my goals.

HTML 100%
CSS 90%
JavaScript 90%
Python 90%


Within what are my services I manage the following.

Development of business pages.

Development of WEB pages, applying SEO and COPYWRITING techniques, For positioning.

Task automation

Automation of tasks through python or RPA software.

SEO and optimization of web pages.

Improvement of website reach, optimization of web load.

Software and systems development

Development of information systems, for the improvement of the processes of your organization.

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Sample of some of my projects, in some of the technologies I mentioned before.

My proyects

Most successful companies in Colombia.

Open Data Colombia



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Pasto - Colombia 520037


+57 312 268 34 18

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